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Internet Television

Harnessing the power and influence of film with the reach and economy of the internet has given Businesses and organisations the ability to connect with their chosen audiences like never before.

This is what we call convergence.

At Clearstream we are very comfortable in this space, always mindful of the importance of narrative and clarity in our story telling.

Greater numbers of informed decisions require more pertinent information and quality content, – but it’s getting crowded and standing out is become increasingly important.

Internet Television delivers a number of important advantages over other media :

  • Considerable uplift in SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • The ability to “push” targeted messaging at a known client database and “pull” feedback in return
  • Very accurate viewing statistics covering individual views, geographies and the types of device used to consume the communication
  • One to many distribution un constrained by geographies with remarkable speed – often hours

With our origins in documentary production in the 1980’s, commercials production in the 1990’s and engagement with delivering television over the internet from then until the present day, the team at Clearstream have nothing if not experience.

Whether you wish to engage with stakeholders and employees, turbocharge your home page or drive growth with compelling stories and differentiation from the competition, Clearstream can talk your language and stream clear communications that could seriously enhance your bottom line.

“Clearstream have consistently produced our company online videos with the most professional results and the highest quality. From pre-production to the final cut, the whole process is seamless and as a result we have used them exclusively for all out video content for the last three years”

Clearview Financial Publishing

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